Editors Corner

We decided to start this newsletter to fill a void in North Bay Village life.  Throughout the campaign I heard many residents express the desire for a positive source of news and information for our community that is not inherently political.   I had the great privilege to meet so many of you in person and contrary to what we read in the papers and online, we have a strong, vibrant, generous and fascinating community, rich in stories and insight.  I hope this publication will allow us to share more with each other.  The focus of the newsletter will be to highlight people, accomplishments and issues not currently being shared.  

While the intent of this newsletter is to be informational and non-political, at times, we may cover topics that are in the political discourse.   Our intent is to provide the context, data, and information we feel is helpful to properly understanding the issue.  We strive be fair and balanced and will not engage in personal attacks.

We hope this publication and the related Facebook page can be a stimulus for positive communication.  If you have feedback and ideas for stories we should cover, please reach out:  nbvrising@gmail.com.  We welcome guest columnists and hope to include a variety of voices moving forward. 

Finally, I am looking for immediate input.  This first issue is called NBV Rising.  What do you think?  Is there a better name that captures the spirit of our community and the positive path forward?  I am looking for creative ideas!

Thank you for embracing this new endeavor.  I look forward to hearing from you and working together to help life up this wonderful community.